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The British Virgin Islands are also known as Little Secrets of Nature because of their untouched natural beauty. We, at Speedy’s, want to share these secrets with you, after all we carry more than 60 years of experience and travel trough the British Virgin Islands!

Speedy's story

SPEEDY'S  our company is named after its founder Captain Edwin Allan George. Speedy, also known as Kiddo, had a dream he could fulfill before leaving this world: Guiding people for what he considered one of the most beautiful paradises on earth and making them feel at home.

He and his wife, Nidia George, launched their business in Virgin Gorda in the 1960's with only one taxicab and a lot of hope. Thanks to his huge consistent effort, Speedy's would grow up to become a great company endowed with ferries, taxis, bus and car rentals to reach every corner of this piece of heaven on earth.

After his departure on March 28, 2018 and following his trail, the company continues to grow with Kiddo's philosophy: Kindness, effort, closeness and familiarity, always hand in hand with professionalism and excellent customer service.  

Virgin Gorda Transport Speedy's has now one of the best guides who continue to mark our routes from Heaven to Paradise:

Speedy, Edwin Allan George. Kiddo

Speedy, Edwin Allan George. Kiddo

Virgin Gorda Transport - Speedy's provides the British Virgin Islands with reliable transportation service.

Whether on land or sea we provide you with the best transportation service with the purpose of making every traveller or visitor’s experience incomparable.

Speedy’s also offers ultimate choices in car rentals, taxis and safari tours for transportation around the serene and tranquil Virgin Gorda. Our Speedy's friendly and efficient service coupled with our top of the line ferries and vehicles are just some of the reasons you should make us your company of choice for island adventures or day to day commutes.

Charter one of our boats for individual or group travel. We offer transfers from Beef Island (airport) to Virgin Gorda. We also offer special trips and competitive rates for charters within the British Virgin Islands and the United States Virgin Islands.

Come and visit the idyllic Virgin Gorda. Snorkel our crystal clear waters filled with colorful reefs bursting with fish and sea turtles. Hike Gorda Peak for a panoramic view of Spanish Town and North Sound or spend the day sun bathing and socializing in our vibrant restaurants and bars.


Welcome to Speedy's! The #1 ferry company in the BVI. We provide you with reliable transportation service to the British Virgin Islands. Let our friendly and experienced staff help you and make your visit to Virgin Gorda a memorable one.

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